Photos: World’s Largest Heart of A Mammal On Display At A Canadian Museum. 

Canadian Researchers in Toronto, have retrieved a heart from a blue whale’s carcass in Newfoundland, and discovered that it has a massive weight of 440lbs (200kg).
We had to get the chest cavity opened to expose the heart and then get in there and freethe heart up from all of the surrounding tissues, getting in with what was left of the lungs and blood pretty much up to my waist,” 

“It took four of us to push the heart out through a window we’d made between the ribs and the side of the chest cavity. ” explains Jacqueline Miller, a mammalogy technician from the ROM.
The blue whale known as the largest animal on planet, so it’s no wonder that the heart of the blue whale is also record-breaking.
The gigantic heart is on display at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto,  Canada. 
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